Sunday, June 8, 2008

why do paths cross?

I had a random event happen on Friday night.

Mom is out of town - so I used her ballet ticket. I met my aunt downtown for dinner and walked to a restaurant that she picked earlier in the week. We debated - sit inside or out? She wanted outside - I thought inside - but decided out would be fine since we could then invite my uncle to meet us (he was unshowered and a bit stinky from a hard day at work).

So - circumstances decided without my choosing:
  • mom went out of town
  • aunt picked restaurant
  • aunt decided to sit outside on the sidewalk

Now - sitting down and drinking a glass a wine, and goddamn if walking right across the street from me was my ex from college who I have not seen in 12 years.

Holy f**k.

There is a great scene in the movie Music and Lyrics where Drew Barrymore's character has a terrible breakup, and has a pre-rehearsed soliloquy to present to her ex whenever she finally confronts him.

I wish I had that.

I ended up grabbing my brass balls and walking across the street. Stumbled thru a few awkward sentences, and then realized that I was speaking to someone who appeared to NOT want to talk to me. I made a graceful exit and walked back to dinner.

Here's what I learned. He looked the same, albeit with less hair. He was smoking (!) which was odd - because if I remember college correctly, I think I was the one who got him smoking in the first place. And he looked awkward.

Well, I did bum-rush him on the Streets of Philadelphia.

Later that night, I told my husband that I saw him and he asked me how I felt. I couldn't verbalize it then, but three days later I can. I felt surprised - sad - and then somewhat nostalgic for college. And then, like gas, the feeling passed.

So - I will thank the Universe for lining up Circumstances, and letting me know that....paths cross to remind you of the past, to make you content of the present and excited for the future.

Friday, June 6, 2008

in the beginning...

I moved. We moved. The family - husband, son, dog - and I decided we wanted something else. Something better. So - we started the transition, and the upheaval, and every rollercoaster emotion began to course thru my veins.

Before I left the old homestead (still for sale...ugh), my one-get-together-a-month girlfriends gave me a charm bracelet.

Three charms.

A die (single dice) symbolizes the reason we get together once a month. Our favorite game of chance - Bunko.

A Jewish star - because I am.


Luck. Faith. Love.

More to follow.......