Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i like big bundts 2011

I tried to drown myself in margaritas...

but I thought it would be better to make a Bundt instead....

I looked at many different recipes before I settled on this one for a Key Lime Bundt Cake with Margarita Icing.  I think it's the best dessert I've ever made.  So I'm making another one tomorrow for Thanksgiving.

And don't forget to lick the beaters.....

Note - I made the aforementioned Bundt on National Bundt Day on 11/15/11.   Due to the time-sucking constraints of my life/job or job/life, I hadn't had the opportunity to post as promptly as I had hoped....

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Three months plus a few days into 39 Project.....and some other stuff, too

Forgive me Father for I have's been over a month since my last blog post......

Whoops!  Wrong faith!!

Following along the oft-repeated tenet of "Though Shalt Not Blog Or Else Thine Luck Willst Turneth to Shit"....I have stayed away from my site......

It seems like this is a good, lazy Sunday to procrastinate the bill paying with the blog posting.....

Catching up in stream of consciousness order.....

I'm three months into my 39 Project.  Maybe I've unpacked a box.  Or two.  Or not.

But I've been 75% faithful to WW (ok....maybe 65% is closer to it) and I've lost over 16 lbs.

And I'm nine weeks or so into C25K and TODAY I RAN FOR 30 MINUTES WITHOUT a 4.0 pace...THAT'S TWO MILES!  I'm well on my way to actually being able to run a 5K in Avalon at the end of this summer.....

I closed my office.  And mourned the death of a job that shouldn't have died.  I packed my shit up, kissed my office goodbye, and drove home in silence.

But the last week was maudlin fun.

"You want this"


"Well then, take it home tonight"


(back and forth between my boss and I)

Did I mention that I'm now the proud owner of a serious set of kitchen cabinets that I rescued from my (now gutted) former office?  A contractor-friend is taking me on as a pity case and going to build me a new kitchen this summer......whoo hoo!!

On a whim, I entered a contest to win a Le Creuset 3.5 quart round French Oven.



I found out on Friday my entire weekend has been bathed in the glow of....wait for it.....


Sorry....I couldn't help myself.

Oh, and I broke in a massive case of hives THE DAY BEFORE I WAS LOSING MY HEALTH INSURANCE.  Nothing like begging your way into a doctor's office for an emergency appointment when you've got 24 hours (or less) of medical eligibility left.

Skipping back a week or so, we ran our March Madness brackets here at home....

Me, Batman & the Tiny Titan.



I also did something that I thought I'd never have to do.

I signed up for unemployment benefits.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

different kind of fine

The stress is finally getting to me.  I promised myself that my blog posts wouldn't devolve into a pity party.  Why me why me why me blah blah blah blah.

I've been working hard to stay on my WW plan....and following my C25K workouts.  I have been rewarded with a 12 lb. loss since I started in January.  Today I am wearing a pair of jeans to work that three weeks ago were too snug to be comfortable.  Yesterday I went on a job interview wearing a suit that previously looked, and felt, a size too small.

I'm taking these positives wherever I can find them.

Last night's workout was a five minute warm up walk, a twenty-five minute run, and a five minute cool down walk.  I purposefully do NOT look at the next workout in my app plan, because, knowing me, I'd just be dreading the inevitable.  The workouts haven't yet repeated themselves, so imagine my surprise when last night's workout was the same as the previous one.  ACK!  I almost passed out before I even got on the treadmill! 

I figured I'd give it a go and run at a pace faster than I'd ever tried....4.2 mph (a 14.17 mile).  And...I DID IT!!  I literally threw my arms in the air and stage whispered "YES" at the end of the run.  I checked the treadmill....1.75 miles without stopping.

I am so proud of myself.

I should end the story there.  It's a great post.  Nice and tidy and wrapped in a bow.

And then the endorphins kicked in.  I felt the lump rise in my throat as a I walked back to the locker room.  I sat down on the bench in front of the locker, turned the key in the lock, and began to cry.  And I couldn't stop the flow of tears as they streamed over my hot and sweaty cheeks.  I was powerless to stifle the sob escaping from my lungs.

And I knew that it is all coming down crashing around me.  I found out a friend of mine is expecting a baby...and that unleashed all of the inner sadness that I thought I had buried.  I wallowed in my sadness for another five minutes or so, got up, washed my face and walked out into the cold night air.

One day I will conquer that.  But in the meantime, I'll be the one crying on the treadmill after I finish my workout.  Just throw me a tissue and give me five minutes.  I'll meet you outside after I'm done.....

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tiny Titan

Damn.  When I really am in full-on avoidance, I don't post worth a shit.  I'm two weeks away from unemployment with no new job on the horizon.  My stress level is thru the roof and I'm no longer sleeping.

But I've lost ten pounds since January between WW & my C25K workouts at the Y. the ultimate irony....I somehow managed to be selected as the Fitness Facility Tracking Winner for my company for the month of January and scored a $100 VISA gift card. I plan to spend it foolishly.

Yesterday I went to pick up the Tiny Titan from school and head down to Hebrew School.  The drive usually takes between 15-20 minutes depending on the traffic.  I use the time to ask him about his day, what he liked, how much homework he has, etc.  Here's a recap of part of our chat:

Me - How was your day?

TT - Fine.  Jeremy had his lungs taken out, so he wasn't in school today.

Me - His WHAT??  HIS LUNGS??!!??

TT - Yeah, his lungs.  Why, is that bad??

Me - HIS LUNGS??!!??  Are you sure about that??

TT - Yeah, his lungs.

At this point, I'm almost crashing my car from the disbelief and laughter because there is no way that Jeremy had his lungs removed.  At the red light, I swivel around in my seat and ask again, "HIS LUNGS?????"

To which the TT points to HIS THROAT and says, "Yeah.  His lungs."

I now realize that he means "TONSILS" and then explain the difference to TT.  His response?

TT - I didn't know that I have tonsils.  All I know is that I've got nuts and a butt.

And that pretty much sums up any man I know.

Good night folks, I'll be here all week.  Don't forget to tip your servers.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

woman on the verge...

Have I mentioned that I will be joining the ranks of the unemployed March 18th? 

TPTB made a "business decision" to close my office.  I'm so disgusted that the people who hired me didn't have the balls to call me or at least email me to discuss the decision.

Fucking assholes.

I have been under incredible amounts of stress trying to find a job.  I have attempted to eliminate said stress by staying on my WW plan and consistently exercising.  And not binge eating.  Or crying.

There are days when I'm fine and everything seems quite manageable.  And there are days, like rightnowthisveryminute, that I feel like if I get a wrong look or hear the wrong song on the radio, that I will dissolve into a pool of hysteric tears.

We are fortunate in that we have (in no particular order) our health, our son, our home and our happiness (most of the time).  Money and future security.....not so much.

And when the weight of the day sneaks up on with the realization that I have less than six weeks of work left...I just want to put my head on my desk and cry.

I'm not someone who puts stock in prayer.  I cannot hear someone tell me that they "pray on it" without rolling my eyes so far back into my head that I've become a zombie.  I can only do what I can and hope that my actions result in a positive result.

In the meantime, if you can't find me, I might be curled in a fetal position immobile on my couch with my dog.  At least she doesn't give me any shit or ask me why I haven't found a job yet.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

last week catch-up & January recaps....

In no particular order.....
  • I stuck to my WW plan about 75% of the result was minus 6.2 lbs. for the month  - YAY!!
  • I made a concerted effort to get to the gym everyday in January....but this winter weather has NOT been helpful.  I think I made it to the gym about 50% of the time.
  • I started my C25K program during the last week of January - and survived!
  • I checked out the Broad Street Run as something to work towards for NEXT YEAR.  I then began hyperventilating as I read this page.
  • I did not work on any boxes.  Huge argument this past weekend.  :-(
  • We discovered we had mice - YUCK.  Batman managed to trap four of them in a three day span and we haven't seen any others (or evidence thereof) so I'm hoping we've got them all.  It was like a Siberian deathcamp outside my garage.....
  • The Tiny Titan had his Third Grade Consecration event at synagogue....and I was truly kvelling.
  • During last week's snow event, we got snowed in at our friends' house - and I drank lots and lots of white wine and actually relaxed for a night.  I baked (and brought with me) some amazing banana / peanut butter swirl cupcakes with chocolate frosting.  OMFG.  
  • I did go to the Y the next day to work off the aforementioned cupcakes.  And wine.
  • And I still hate "weather events" that involve incredible amounts of wind and / or rain.  
  • Lastly.....I'm going to find the kid that keeps praying for snow and beat the crap out of him / her.  Or at least tie them up and throw them in a locked closet until May.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

newsflash...i didn't die last night!!!


I WENT RUNNING...............................................

AND I SURVIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a deep breath and gave my new Couch to 5K app a whirl.

And did I mention.......I DIDN'T DIE!!!!!!

I broke out the old running shoes with the old orthotic inserts....put on the new jog bra I purchased (three cups sizes too small, so I was strapped in so tight it was like I was wearing Kevlar).....drove over to the Y and gave it a go!

I really liked the app - a pleasant woman's voice told me when I should WALK or RUN.....I truly laughed out loud when she told me that I was HALFWAY DONE!! 

Once she announced that it was time for the FINAL RUN, I could have leaped for joy. 

I'm going to stick with let's see where I end up in nine weeks when this part of the experiment is over!

But......I WENT RUNNING!!!!!!!  Or at least, something close to it :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011 sybil....

My iPhone and I are having a fabulous relationship...except sometimes I feel like it's cheating on me.  With me.

Let me explain.

I attempt to be exact about adding dates & events onto my iPhone calendar.  Except twice (!!) in recent memory, I have either forgotten something altogether, or completely misjudged when the event was supposed to occur.

It happened AGAIN last night.  I've been discussing with some new friends from synagogue that we should plan a family get-together following an event that the kids will attend this coming Sunday. I've had several conversations with them AND Batman and consults with my calendar, and I even wrote a check to reserve a spot for the Tiny Titan.  At the same time, I've had several conversations with my mother about an outing she and my Dad are taking TT on in Center City this coming Sunday.

How is it that I wasn't able to connect the two as a CONFLICT until last night @ 11:00 pm?


I hate when I do stuff like this!  It's like two different people are in my head at the same time, working independently from each other.

It's like pregnancy brain, only I'm not. It's gotta be the stress.

Or....early Alzheimer's......oy. to. the. vey.

Or....I've finally become a psycho split-personality that my brother always swore I'd become.....

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; you're my only hope.

Carrie Fisher said what I feel:

"I'm fat," says Fisher, 54. "All the clothes in my closet belong to another chick. They have to make a new alphabet for my bra size." 

Granted, she is now getting paid to lose weight with Jenny Craig.......but the bra size comment really struck a chord with me.

I haven't been able to shop for bras in a "regular" size for years.  I've been one of those people whose bra size never seemed to get smaller.

Go on the pill - your boobs will shrink.  They didn't.

Go off the pill - your boobs will shrink.  They didn't.

After you have the Tiny should nurse - your boobs will shrink.  They didn't.

Are you figuring this out yet?

While this might fit into the category of "we always want what we do not have"  trust me when I say....I have it....lots of it....and I'd like to get rid of it.

You can read the rest of the Carrie Fisher article here in People Magazine online.

these are the things I know I know....these are the things I know

  • when I'm at the beach, I will eat too much.  Hors d'oeuvres are my crack
  • when I'm with my parents, I will eat too much.  Emotional eater, table for one!
  • when I'm at the beach with my get the point.  All bets are off.....
I took the Tiny Titan downnashore for the four-day weekend.  Last week, I made a monumental effort to work out every day and eat to plan.  And the weekend came and once my parents arrived and no matter how well my intentions were, I didn't track a damn thing I ate.

My scale showed a minimal drop.  Like....if I drank a glass a water, there would be no loss at all.

So what!  I'm taking it.  See...39 Project means "DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!"  So, I'm not.

On the positive side of things, TT and I had a blast.  We had a killer walk on the beach and found some great shells.  We went shopping and both scored some great bargains.  We took a drive to Ocean City (NJ) and had a fun walk on the boards....and shopped...and ate some awesome pizza.

Even TT admitted he was having fun.

I also know:
  • spending QT with TT makes it all better....
  • forward progress is still progress even if its two steps ahead and one step back
  • I can do this.  It's just going to take a while......

Monday, January 10, 2011

come monday, it'll be alright

If it's my birthday and there is still steak on the plate after I'm already stuffed.....I will still eat it.

There's a metaphor for my life in there somewhere, but I haven't found it yet.

Big weekend recap:

Dinner Friday night was exactly as I expected.  Lots of great food, drinks & big laughs.  Even after making an attempt at ordering "to plan," I did not even bother to count points or add to my tracker. 

Saturday was exciting - waking up to snow that wasn't supposed to arrive until later in the day was a bit panic-inducing, but thankfully, everyone made it to the Tiny Titan's birthday party!    It was a big hit - the kids loved it and the parents thought Batman and I were brilliant (we are, you know) for reserving such a creative space (an old-school pinball arcade - supporting local small business...YAY!) and being economical at the same time. 

I was thinking that I'd never get to the gym - and I didn't - but instead of freaking out about it, we ran errands that involved lots of @ the outlets  for bargains.  I found just about everything that I was looking for - and scored some awesome bargains along the way.  Little rewards to myself for sticking to the Plan.

Sunday was crazy, too.  Hebrew School for the Tiny Titan, and we had his parent/teacher conference. I gotta hand it to TT - he is acing Hebrew School.  His teacher (an Orthodox Persian woman in her early 60s) LOVES him and is so amazed at his am I.  I am so proud that he has jumped in and risen to the challenges that are presented to him. 

After we finished, we headed up to Harrisburg to the PA Farm Show.  Again - I knew ahead of time that there was no way I'd make it to the gym, so I made sure we planned for lots of walking....which we did!  I found out after the fact that there was a walking challenge for kids, and TT wanted to do it, but we were headed OUT when we stumbled across way were we going to walk the entire show AGAIN.  Oh well....there is always next year, and Batman said he wants to go back.....

So - Monday is my "scale" day.  I made great progress, and even with my weekend indiscretions, I managed to lose a few.  Score one for a step in the right direction!

Now....if I could only get a box dealt with.....yikes.....

Friday, January 7, 2011

i'm not martha, buddy or duff....

Combine reading too many baking blogs and watching too many cake shows on TV, add a dash of bravado and a pinch of insanity....and you've got....ME! 

We are having the Tiny Titan's 9th birthday party on Saturday.  I made two chocolate 9 x 13 cakes (from a mix - these kids really aren't going to care a whit about taste)....and then I leveled them myself!!

I frosted the bottom layer, added the second cake, frosted the outside and then planned out my masterpiece, sketching it out on paper.  JustJenn always plans out her stuff on paper beforehand, and since she's got the mad skillz (architect AND baking) I figured that was a smart tip to follow.

Starting with these:

 I made this:

Please forgive the limited editing skillz for the photo.  Photoshopper, I'm not.

But, hey, that looks pretty close to a pinball table!  Score one for Mom!!

the 39 Project

Over the past year, I've attempted a few things in fits and starts, completing none.

Well - I baked a few cakes and made some cookies, so those were start-to-finish projects.

But I've referenced other ones. 


Eating better.  


All of these things have the same underlying issues.  First - they all require my undivided attention.  Second - I have, at one point or another, attempted each one with zeal and enthusiasm, only to fade with a whimper.  Lastly - if I don't attend to these things NOW, Batman will have justifiable grounds to inflict bodily harm on me.  Or at least rent a dumpster and get rid of everything.

On a side note - it SUCKS sometimes having your birthday so close to the New Year.  It makes it really hard to stick to the diet plans when you keep telling yourself, "It's just this one time because it's my birthday."  And then suddenly, the key lime pie is gone and bottle of wine is in the trash.


Plus - birthdays make you stop and reflect on where you are going & where you have been.  Just like New Years Resolutions, you are forced to take stock on the Current State of Me.  364 days until I'm 40.  Couple a birthday-before-a-milestone and New-Years-Resolutions and you've got a one hell of a hangover.  

Like an addict about to walk into rehab, I spent my last weekend of 2010 with friends....relaxing, eating and drinking to my hearts content.

And then, on the drive home, I came to the realization that it was time to put myself first.  Because, if I don't take care of ME, there won't be any more ME around to take care of.

On Monday, I logged back onto the WW site to immerse myself into their new program. 

On Monday, I packed the gym bag and went off to the YMCA. 

I've got less than three months before I'm out of a job.  This is my Spring Training before Opening Day.

I've got my everyday goals:
  • stay on my WW plan
  • exercise every day - but don't worry if I skip one day
  • empty ONE box a day

My short term goals:
  • Couch to 5 K
  • lose a dress size or two
  • work on the rooms one at a time

And my long term goals:
  • RUN a 5 K
  • lose more than two dress sizes

My dry run this week was a success, and I'm having my birthday dinner tonight, running the Tiny Titan's birthday party on Saturday, and attending the big Pennsylvania Farm Show on Sunday (all the cows you can see and PA-local food you can eat!). 

I'm ready to launch my 39 Project on Monday.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Catching up and cleaning out.

I never posted about my Thanksgiving baking creation.  I made Libby's Sour Cream Pumpkin Bundt Cake.  It was....ehhhhhh.  Unremarkable.  Probably because (a) the taste was reminiscent of a spice cake I ate for my last breakfast in Israel when I was 12 1/2, which I promptly threw up due to airsickness from Tel Aviv to Heathrow to New in I THREW UP FOR THE ENTIRETY OF BOTH FLIGHTS, and (b) it did not look like the picture!  The streusel sank to the bottom (rose to the top when I flipped it over), so it did not have that tunnel o'streusel taste I was hoping for.

In my obsessive-perfectionsist mind, since it wasn't PERFECT, I didn't want to add it onto the blog.  But then, I couldn't move forward until I added it.  Endless cycle on the hamster wheel.

Ok.  Whew!  Done.

Moving along......

I want to know, when the shit hits the fan, why does it hit EVERYTHING??!!?? (she maniacally types this while listening to Metallica's Master of Puppets)

Batman found out just before Thanksgiving that he would be out of a job 3/31/11.  Two weeks later, I found out that I would be out of job 3/31/11.

Add to that my aforementioned fear of PUTTING ANYTHING IN WRITING SO AS NOT TO TEMPT THE FATES....and you stress eating my way thru November and December.  Plus ten pounds for you, sucka!

This should give you an idea of what was getting me thru my days.....

I'll skip the gory parts, only to get to the ending of Part One....Batman thankfully found a new job (closer to home, slight pay cut, but hope for stability and job security) and he starts next Monday.  

Part Two...I'm still in the Matrix, dodging bullets.


I did do some other baking between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  I was making a platter of my mom's secret recipe brownies in bite-size pieces (sorry - can't post the recipe) for our friends holiday party, but I wanted something else to accompany them.  Chocolately peanut buttery cookies :-)  I made peanut butter KISS cookies:

I don't know why this pic keeps uploading sideways, but I can't rotate it.  You get the idea.

The best part of cooking the peanut butter batter....was the peanut butter!  Plus - Kirby got to lick the spatula when I was done....

She was licking the rubber scraper so hard I was laughing and could not hold my iPhone steady.  So....blurry action shot it is!

That pretty much brings me up to today.

It's my birthday.

I'm 39.

Next much progress can one woman make on herself before her 40th birthday?