Friday, January 21, 2011 sybil....

My iPhone and I are having a fabulous relationship...except sometimes I feel like it's cheating on me.  With me.

Let me explain.

I attempt to be exact about adding dates & events onto my iPhone calendar.  Except twice (!!) in recent memory, I have either forgotten something altogether, or completely misjudged when the event was supposed to occur.

It happened AGAIN last night.  I've been discussing with some new friends from synagogue that we should plan a family get-together following an event that the kids will attend this coming Sunday. I've had several conversations with them AND Batman and consults with my calendar, and I even wrote a check to reserve a spot for the Tiny Titan.  At the same time, I've had several conversations with my mother about an outing she and my Dad are taking TT on in Center City this coming Sunday.

How is it that I wasn't able to connect the two as a CONFLICT until last night @ 11:00 pm?


I hate when I do stuff like this!  It's like two different people are in my head at the same time, working independently from each other.

It's like pregnancy brain, only I'm not. It's gotta be the stress.

Or....early Alzheimer's......oy. to. the. vey.

Or....I've finally become a psycho split-personality that my brother always swore I'd become.....

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Jessica said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog - yours is really funny! Glad to see another Chester County person who appreciates sugar.