Thursday, January 6, 2011


Catching up and cleaning out.

I never posted about my Thanksgiving baking creation.  I made Libby's Sour Cream Pumpkin Bundt Cake.  It was....ehhhhhh.  Unremarkable.  Probably because (a) the taste was reminiscent of a spice cake I ate for my last breakfast in Israel when I was 12 1/2, which I promptly threw up due to airsickness from Tel Aviv to Heathrow to New in I THREW UP FOR THE ENTIRETY OF BOTH FLIGHTS, and (b) it did not look like the picture!  The streusel sank to the bottom (rose to the top when I flipped it over), so it did not have that tunnel o'streusel taste I was hoping for.

In my obsessive-perfectionsist mind, since it wasn't PERFECT, I didn't want to add it onto the blog.  But then, I couldn't move forward until I added it.  Endless cycle on the hamster wheel.

Ok.  Whew!  Done.

Moving along......

I want to know, when the shit hits the fan, why does it hit EVERYTHING??!!?? (she maniacally types this while listening to Metallica's Master of Puppets)

Batman found out just before Thanksgiving that he would be out of a job 3/31/11.  Two weeks later, I found out that I would be out of job 3/31/11.

Add to that my aforementioned fear of PUTTING ANYTHING IN WRITING SO AS NOT TO TEMPT THE FATES....and you stress eating my way thru November and December.  Plus ten pounds for you, sucka!

This should give you an idea of what was getting me thru my days.....

I'll skip the gory parts, only to get to the ending of Part One....Batman thankfully found a new job (closer to home, slight pay cut, but hope for stability and job security) and he starts next Monday.  

Part Two...I'm still in the Matrix, dodging bullets.


I did do some other baking between Thanksgiving and New Year's.  I was making a platter of my mom's secret recipe brownies in bite-size pieces (sorry - can't post the recipe) for our friends holiday party, but I wanted something else to accompany them.  Chocolately peanut buttery cookies :-)  I made peanut butter KISS cookies:

I don't know why this pic keeps uploading sideways, but I can't rotate it.  You get the idea.

The best part of cooking the peanut butter batter....was the peanut butter!  Plus - Kirby got to lick the spatula when I was done....

She was licking the rubber scraper so hard I was laughing and could not hold my iPhone steady.  So....blurry action shot it is!

That pretty much brings me up to today.

It's my birthday.

I'm 39.

Next much progress can one woman make on herself before her 40th birthday?

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jami said...

1. A lot. Hang in there. You're doing great.
2. Ain't nothin' funnier than a dog eating peanut butter.