Friday, January 7, 2011

i'm not martha, buddy or duff....

Combine reading too many baking blogs and watching too many cake shows on TV, add a dash of bravado and a pinch of insanity....and you've got....ME! 

We are having the Tiny Titan's 9th birthday party on Saturday.  I made two chocolate 9 x 13 cakes (from a mix - these kids really aren't going to care a whit about taste)....and then I leveled them myself!!

I frosted the bottom layer, added the second cake, frosted the outside and then planned out my masterpiece, sketching it out on paper.  JustJenn always plans out her stuff on paper beforehand, and since she's got the mad skillz (architect AND baking) I figured that was a smart tip to follow.

Starting with these:

 I made this:

Please forgive the limited editing skillz for the photo.  Photoshopper, I'm not.

But, hey, that looks pretty close to a pinball table!  Score one for Mom!!


jami said...


TAH said...

Wow, I am so impressed! Care to Fedex a slice to NYC?

Sandra Dee said...

@TAH - at the rate we are STILL eating the leftovers....there will still be some when it's time for your annual trip downnashore :-)

TAH said...

Yum! 8 month old cake! That is a great way for me to judge your baking skillz.