Friday, January 7, 2011

the 39 Project

Over the past year, I've attempted a few things in fits and starts, completing none.

Well - I baked a few cakes and made some cookies, so those were start-to-finish projects.

But I've referenced other ones. 


Eating better.  


All of these things have the same underlying issues.  First - they all require my undivided attention.  Second - I have, at one point or another, attempted each one with zeal and enthusiasm, only to fade with a whimper.  Lastly - if I don't attend to these things NOW, Batman will have justifiable grounds to inflict bodily harm on me.  Or at least rent a dumpster and get rid of everything.

On a side note - it SUCKS sometimes having your birthday so close to the New Year.  It makes it really hard to stick to the diet plans when you keep telling yourself, "It's just this one time because it's my birthday."  And then suddenly, the key lime pie is gone and bottle of wine is in the trash.


Plus - birthdays make you stop and reflect on where you are going & where you have been.  Just like New Years Resolutions, you are forced to take stock on the Current State of Me.  364 days until I'm 40.  Couple a birthday-before-a-milestone and New-Years-Resolutions and you've got a one hell of a hangover.  

Like an addict about to walk into rehab, I spent my last weekend of 2010 with friends....relaxing, eating and drinking to my hearts content.

And then, on the drive home, I came to the realization that it was time to put myself first.  Because, if I don't take care of ME, there won't be any more ME around to take care of.

On Monday, I logged back onto the WW site to immerse myself into their new program. 

On Monday, I packed the gym bag and went off to the YMCA. 

I've got less than three months before I'm out of a job.  This is my Spring Training before Opening Day.

I've got my everyday goals:
  • stay on my WW plan
  • exercise every day - but don't worry if I skip one day
  • empty ONE box a day

My short term goals:
  • Couch to 5 K
  • lose a dress size or two
  • work on the rooms one at a time

And my long term goals:
  • RUN a 5 K
  • lose more than two dress sizes

My dry run this week was a success, and I'm having my birthday dinner tonight, running the Tiny Titan's birthday party on Saturday, and attending the big Pennsylvania Farm Show on Sunday (all the cows you can see and PA-local food you can eat!). 

I'm ready to launch my 39 Project on Monday.


TAH said...

Well, as you saw on my blog, I am a big fan of resolutions. I wish you the best of luck with yours -- and the ability to forgive yourself when things don't proceed according to plan. (The latter is what I have to work on.)

TAH said...

I think I meant "if," not "when." Didn't mean to sound so pessimistic!!!! But none of us is perfect... even me... whose name means perfection!

jami said...

Those are great goals. I would also like to lose a dress size (or two), and I would really like to be in awesome shape before I turn 40! Before I turn 39 1/2 would be preferable, and that's what I'll aim toward.